With over 150 different types, in different colors and varieties, the rose is probably the most popular of all the flowers. Often associated with love, just think about Valentine’s Day, today’s post is all about the magical and metaphysical properties of the rose.

In Greek mythology when the Goddess of Beauty and Love Aphrodite arose from the sea it turned into white roses and when she was mourning over the loss of her lover Adonis, her tears turn a white rose red. Roses are also associated with Eros, another Greek love God. Sappho called the rose the Queen of the Flowers.

The element associated with the feminine rose is water, emotional and relationship oriented. The planet is Venus and zodiac sign is Taurus.

Roses are most widely used in love spells, but I also closely associate them with protection magick, because of their thorns. Thorns can also be used to mark sigils into candle wax.

Try taking a ritual bath with rose petals, oils or rosewater, to enhance your divine feminine energy, strengthen your intuition, and also attract love and good luck.

What’s your favorite flower? Maybe I’ll do a magical post on it next!