Saturn Return

I am currently entering my Saturn Return in Capricorn (Dec 2018) and wanted to share with you guys what that means! The Saturn Return is a very important astrological influence in our lives, this is the time when the planet Saturn returns to the place it started in your Natal Chart, similar to a birthday being a Solar Return. This happens around 28 1/2 years for everyone, and lasts for about 2 years.

Saturn is seen as one of the most challenging planets in our birth charts, all about boundaries and tends to force us into being responsible and mindful of our restrictions in life. During your Saturn Return it is wise to slow down and reflect over your past mistakes and focus on how to manifest future successes.

Some of what you may experience in a Saturn Return:

  • Feeling blocked, this is the restrictive energy of Saturn forcing you to slow down and focus your energy better.
  • Ego transformation, you will begin to rethink who you are and using the information gathered over the past 29 years to create a new you.
  • Spiritual maturation, your karmic lessons of the past come together at the Saturn Return leading to dramatic change and growth
  • Saturn Returns are like a test to see if we have truly learned the lessons of the past, and you will likely have to prove you have by going through some of those same challenging experiences again, which can be triggering. Saturn is a tough love type of energy and will force you to grow in multiple ways.

Way’s to make the Saturn Return easier:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others, by this time in your life you should understand that you are a one of a kind, with a unique path and lessons to be learned. Your journey is not anyone else’s journey.
  • Saturn is connected to the God of Time, Kronos so be sure to be super mindful of how you are spending your time, pick up some time blocking techniques, I have a bullet journal which helps me to be more productive with my time.
  • Stand your ground, understand that you will leave a mark on the world (good or bad, up to you) and you are fully responsible for your energy and what you have to offer the collective.
  • Explore your issues with Men, Saturn is bound to stir up some emotions when it comes to the father so if you have any daddy issues do your shadow work exercises to heal them or you will continue to attract the unhealthy feelings around men into your life unintentionally.
  • Learn to utilize the word NO, Saturn is a big fan of creating boundaries, if you have not been able to create them in your life use the energy of Saturn Return to regain some control over the expectations others have of you.

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With Love,
Magically Bree

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