I’m sure by now you have seen information about ‘Love Languages’ which originated from the 1995 book ‘The 5 Love Languages’ written by Gary Chapman to pinpoint which type of love is best for us to better understand yourself and partner in relationships.

These are the 5 love languages briefly…

  1. Words of Affirmation– best for people who need to be told often they are loved and want to be recognized verbally for their efforts.
  2. Acts of Service– this is for people who feel extra loved when someone does tasks to make their life easier, such as helping with chores or serving them food and drink.
  3. Physical Touch– for the touchy feely type that love to cuddle, embrace, or just be physically close to their loved ones.
  4. Gifts- these people love to be shown that they are appreciated through personalized gifts, thoughtful little gestures work as well.
  5. Quality Time- they just want to spend them with their loved ones, could be in conversation, games, or just lazing around together doing next to nothing.

Find out your love language!

Mine are: Quality Time. Words of affirmation. Physical Touch.

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