One Question

$11.11 One Question Reading

My most popular service! For those seeking direction, need guidance, or want to know more about a situation. I get a lot of relationship questions but will work with any type of question. I deliver through e-mailed photos and voice recordings.


$33.33 Magick Consultation

This service is similar to my One Question Reading, but I will go more in depth providing more symbolism, astrology background, and I will create a spell that you can do at home for your situation. For example, you need help finding a job? I will suggest workings for employment as well as let you know what type of job to seek out.


$55.55 "I do the Work!"

This is similar to the Magick Consultation but instead of sending your spell to you to perform, I will do all the work, this is perfect for anyone who feels like they have lost control on the situation, not comfortable with performing spells, or don't want anyone to know about the work. I will give you simple actions to perform that will help the magick.

first time reading

Week Ahead Reading. Available only on the weekends, to prepare for the next week. $10.10

Month Ahead Reading.
Available only the first week of the month, to prepare for the month ahead. $20.20

General Guidance
(1 Card)
What guidance do you need to hear right now?  $5.55

General Guidance (up to 12 cards)
In depth guidance from your spirit guides. $25.55