Shell Magick

Shells can be a very useful tool for spells and rituals. They come in handy as carriers of herbs and small stones, they come from the ocean so they incorporate water energy, they are also powerful in protective work because that is their purpose in nature.
Different types of shells offer different magical possibilities:

Cowrie shells were once a form of currency so use these in money spells. They also resemble the female genitalia so use them in spells that involve women, womb healing or fertility.

Conch shells make a loud noise when blown so use them in spells that have to do with communication.

Oyster shells can be used in spells for fortune, because of their ability to create pearls.

Cockle shells are best for love spells.

Auger shells resemble the male genitalia with their phallic shape, use these in spells concerning men.

Nautilus shells look like the human brain, use these for enhancing mental wellness and performance.

Abalone shells are more beautiful on the inside than the outside, use these for uncovering hidden truths. These are also popular for sage burning to catch the ashes.

Clam shells are often associated with Venus, so use these in love and beauty spells.

Scallop shells are all purpose and can be used in place of any other shell.

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