Hey Magical Ones! Today’s topic here at MagicallyBree.com is Smudging featuring Black Girl Magic Shout Out to Lalu’s Treasures!

Smudging is the act of burning herbs/resins with intention to cleanse, or other spiritual use. This was a ceremonial act of purification for the Native Americans.

Should you smudge!?

YES!! Smudge your home, your body, your office (if you can, if not there are *other options…) AND there are a lot of options you can use for different purposes.

Sage- Most “popular”, you can buy these online and spiritual shops, I burn this when I come home from work mostly, also if there has been an argument or any general bad vibe.

Flowers- Use these for love and glamour, esp. Rose

Palo Santo- This is translated “Holy Wood” it grows in South America and smells so good, it’s said to bring in blessings

There are more options of course, you can even make your own smudge sticks!! I love burning dried rosemary.

How often to smudge…
This can be something like a ritual where you burn at a certain time/place everyday or just burn whenever you feel the need.

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https://www.lalustreasures.com/, Lalu’s Treasures can definitely give you options when it comes to smudge sticks, she also sells crystals, and other spiritual supplies, definitely worth the visit!!

Other options: You could diffuse essential oils (they even have a palo santo eo) or make a Sage Spray Bottle for the same intention of cleansing!!

What do you use to Smudge with?
Comment below!!

-Magically Bree