🌸✨Celebrating Spring Equinox✨🌸

This is a very special time of year celebrated at the start of Aries season . On this day also known as Ostara, the earth and the sun are positioned so that both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have equal sunlight, this is symbolic of balance. This is also a time of new beginnings as the flowers bloom and new life emerges.

Many pagan religions celebrate Ostara as the time when the Earth (the Goddess) and the Sun (the God) reunite in perfect harmony. A lot of the spring equinox symbols/correspondences I’m going to share are also popular for the Christian holiday Easter, so it’s interesting to see different holidays and their origin from earlier religions and ancient rituals.

Things to decorate your home/altar with:
✨Bright colors

✨Pastel candles (fire element)

✨Green cloth (earth element)


✨Seeds (represent growth)

✨Spring Water (water element)

✨Flowery Incense, Jasmine/Lavender etc. (air element)

✨Butterfly (represent transformation)

✨Rabbit (represents fertility)

✨Eggs (represents life)

🌸Rituals & Activities🌸
Things to do in celebration:

✨ Eat outside, good foods to consider: eggs, lamb, chicken, fruits, candy, rose wine.

✨Buy (or make) a bright new outfit.

✨Magic to encourage fertility, prosperity, growth and/or energy.


✨Sun bathing

✨Visualize growth in your life

✨Balance rituals

✨Make new relationships

✨Paint eggs with dye and symbols

✨Spring cleaning

✨Planting seeds (literally and figuratively)

✨Work with herbs

This is a beautiful time of year! Enjoy it, get outside, smell the flowers, and take advantage of the burst of energy to come. Also ask yourself “What needs revival in my life?” And focus your energy on that this spring.