Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse January 2019

During a total lunar eclipse like the one happening the 20th and 21st of January, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, resulting in a reddish color of the Moon instead of going completely dark, this is known as a Blood Moon. This moon is extra intense because not only is it a blood moon and total lunar eclipse, it’s also a ‘Super Moon’ meaning the Moon is closer to the Earth making it much larger than usual and it also brings in Aquarius season.

So how is this rare cosmic event impact you? Well first of all it’s effecting everyone in different ways (some more than others). The Moon is tied to our emotions, expect many emotional breakthroughs. This Moon comes a year after the Super Blue Blood Moon of Jan. 2018 so things will come full circle and this will be a time of resolutions. This Moon is in Leo, the king of the jungle and the zodiac, so there will be a lot of ego and fiery emotions in the atmosphere. This Moon can bring out a lot of anger over unresolved issues, the Full Moon tends to illuminate the things that have otherwise been hidden, so don’t be surprised at what is revealed and be ready to confront this head on, like a fierce lion. This is also a time of transformation, as uncomfortable as it may seem, the next few months you will be urged to create and initiate social change to better the collective, thanks to the Aquarius energy involved here.

For more on this Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, listen to this Podcast episode, What To Confront (or what is confronting you) This Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse? Based on your zodiac sign.

Enjoy the energy!

With Love,
Magically Bree



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