Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Hey Magical Ones!!

I think Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bit of a bad reputation, and I’m here to give a few magical tips based on my experiences to help everyone make the best of it.

This is the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019 (March 5- March 28), let this post guide you through all of the Mercury Retrogrades (we get 3-4 every year, about 3 weeks at a time).

Mercury controls communication, travel, and technology. It has a lot of influence on how we think and share information as well. When Mercury is Retrograde it appears to be moving backwards, it’s an illusion but the effects are very real.

Here are some things you should be aware of to make this transit easier❗️:

✨ Try not to make any major decisions, especially when it comes to moving or buying technology, just wait until Mercury goes direct. You’ll avoid a headache, spending too much money, and being saddle with something you don’t like/need.

✨Before the Retrograde take care of any repairs needed for your car, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a flat during this transit.

✨ If you’re a blogger or have a website avoid making changes to your sites appearance. From experience, I’ve lost an entire blog during Retrograde before all because I wanted a new look. Also, back up your files & save important documents, just to be on the safe side.

✨ Listen, if that old fling comes back in your life at this time, you guys are not rekindling shit! You’ll thank me later because it’s not gonna end well.

✨Miscommunications are going to happen, double check all e-mails, texts, etc. because this is the best time to get caught up! Also, think before you speak, people have to remember this always but especially during Mercury Retrograde.

❤️🔮It’s not all bad though, here are the pros of Mercury Retrograde❤️🔮

✨It’s a great time to focus on self, introspection and development. Take the time to evaluate your emotional wellness and turn up your self-care routine during this transit.

✨Say affirmations and mantras that kind of communication is very powerful and will change your life especially during Mercury Retrograde.

✨Intuition is heightened during this time, if you want to be more in tune with spirit, challenge yourself by picking up Tarot or other forms of divination. I have a Facebook group dedicated to divination called ‘One of A Kind Oracles’

Side note, since this Mercury Retrograde is happening during Pisces season I’m gonna be meditating a lot more, and I highly recommend you do too!! Listen to my guided meditation if you find yourself having trouble, Magically Bree Guided Meditation

For more on Mercury Retrograde visit this blog post from High Priestess J,

With Love,

Magically Bree

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