Uranus in Aries

When Uranus re-visits zodiac sign Aries from Nov. 6 – Mar. 7, where it just spent 7 years up until March of 2018, then transited Taurus, now retrograde and back to Aries we will receive a cosmic jolt back to ourselves.

Maybe you feel as if you have lost your true identity somewhere along the way or never really knew to begin with, Uranus in Aries will change everything. While Uranus is in Aries we get to wake up and remember who we truly want to be, and we’ll have the guts to live our lives more authentically then we ever imagined. Consider this your chance for radical transformation and breakthroughs.

I found it interesting that Uranus Rx makes it’s move to Aries on the day of the midterm elections, it’s definitely going to be intense!

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-Magically Bree

Venus Retrograde October 5- November 16

Venus is an important planet, it controls love, friendships, beauty, aesthetics, art, finance, pleasure and more.

When a planet is Retrograde, it appears to be “going backward” and therefore refocusing our energy inward, forcing us to reevaluate our lives, behaviors, and desires. With that being said, retrogrades tend to be looked at as very uncomfortable times, and Venus retrograde is no different.

What to expect during this time…

Some of us may already be experiencing some of this already, because we are in the “shadow” of the Venus Retrograde. So think about some of your experiences with love or money lately and expect more of the same.

Here are some of my predictions and advice:

  • Many old flings or friends may return from your past, it is up to you if you want to engage, I wouldn’t because it’s just gonna be the same old thing.
  • When faced with major decisions, especially in relationships (like deciding to get married), home improvement, or things where you will be spending a lot of money, just wait until Venus goes direct, you may regret the decisions made at this time.
  • Really think about what you want in a relationship, maybe try some love magic and spend time on your intentions for your next relationship. But don’t actively seek those things right now.
  • Spend time healing your shadow self especially when it comes to your self esteem and how you view yourself, try meditating in the mirror. This is a time where self love can transform you!
  • Lay low in relationships, don’t make yourself so available at this time, you may be a little more awkward and have a hard time expressing your feelings right now.
  • Increase sex drive, some of us may be in hyper drive at some time during Venus Rx, however this may lead to competitiveness and sexual tension in some relationships. It’s not always wise to act on feelings of lust right now, as many encounters may be short lived.

My plans for Venus Rx…

Since this Retrograde starts in Scorpio and I am a Scorpio, I am doing transformative work on my looks and body, through healthy eating, exercise and magick! Basically when this is all over with, I will be more beautiful, healthier, and more desirable.

Thanks for reading!! What are your plans for this time?! I’d love to hear, comment below!

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-Magically Bree