The Magick of Waist Beads

Hey Magical Ones, today we discuss the magick and beauty of Waist Beads. I currently have two sets of beads on, a light green one that is extremely meaningful and magickal since I got them at the Black Witch Convention last October, and a pink one I got recently and Houston BLK MRKT.

Did you guys know that while many wear waist beads as a cultural aesthetic fashion, these can be highly spiritual and magical tools to connect you to your divine feminine?

A great way to incorporate magick into your waist bead experience is by making them yourself, the process is pretty tedious, which explains why some beads can be very expensive when you buy them. But when making them you can add intent right into the beads either by entering a meditative state or chanting. Make it clear what you want the waist beads to accomplish by adding in color magick and crystals too, for example if you want them to make you feel more feminine use pink, rose quartz or if you want protection use black, tourmaline or tigers eye. They can be used for any purpose that you program it to, such as attracting money, beauty, confidence, etc.

You can also buy them pre-made and add intention to them by praying over them, spraying with florida water, smudging with herbs, sitting in the sun/moon etc, get creative.

I’ve been told that as your waist beads fall (from losing weight), that brings your intentions closer to the physical, which can be very helpful for us ladies who want to lose weight/inches off our waist, but if not don’t think that your beads aren’t just as magical!

If you want some magical waist beads with intention already added check out, she is very magical and you can experience her actually adding the intentions on her twitter profile @KushFruit !

Also one of the intentions of the Summertime Fine Ritual I am hosting this Summer Solstice (Jun 21) is to get our waist beads to fall!! So if you plan on being apart of this ritual get your beads ready now!

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