Uranus in Taurus!!

Today Uranus enters Taurus (after a brief stay there in 2018) this time it’ll stay for 7 years.

Uranus the planet of innovation, progression, discovery, change and literal movement meets the sturdy earth sign Taurus.

Expect big changes during this transit especially in the areas of…

LOVE- Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance.

MONEY- I’m hoping for the best here, because I feel like Taurus is sturdy and financially responsible but it could be quite the opposite, the last time Uranus was in Taurus, we were in the Great Depression.

ARTS- Like I said Venus is the ruler of Taurus, which is all about aesthetic, I believe this will be a great time for blooming artists, like myself. Check out my art here.

Check your chart! What house is this transit for you? Hint: Find the House where Taurus is…

Mine is.. in the 6th House so that means I can expect BIG changes in my daily life, routines, and health. This will be an amazing time of growth for me, especially since this is also where my moon sign is (inner being).

With Love,
Magically Bree

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