Venus in Capricorn 2/3-3/1

Venus enters the sign of the hardworking success driven goat, Capricorn, today and will be there the entire month of February.

During this transit your relationship will be either be challenged to grow or due to Capricorns high standards you may realize that this is not the relationship for you, make or break time.

My predictions for how Venus in Capricorn energy will manifest:

❤ Since this is my natal Venus placement, I’m speaking from experience. We will be willing to put in the work it takes for any relationship (love, family, work, friends, etc) to succeed but ONLY if we see future personal benefit or gain, otherwise we will not put any effort in at all.

❤ We will have more focus on business relationships, issues with coworkers may be a theme this month.

❤ Capricorn is an Earth sign, this is going to switch many relationship dynamics from adventurous and fun (think about Venus in Sagittarius) to much more serious, leading to more commitment and lasting relationships.

❤ Personal growth is important during this transit, our self worth has the potential to take on new life but only if we build a strong foundation.

Overall I love this transit as it brings stability to our relationships (if they are worthy) and success in money matters too!

I am recording a podcast on “What Venus in Capricorn May Mean for Your Relationship Status!” so stay tuned!

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With Love,
Magically Bree

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