Visualization Technique

Hey guys, I have been reading more lately and right now I’m reading a book about using the Law of Attraction for controlling others using subconscious communication especially when it comes to love. I’m really into how to strengthen the powers of the mind and visualization is a HUGE part of that.

Here is the visualization technique given in the book, in my understanding:

First you want to relax, by meditating

Next you want to focus energy opening your heart chakra and charging your third eye. You want to be open to love, but you have to be able to visualize it in your third eye.

Now picture your target (lover, husband, significant other, partner, boss, whoever you want to direct), picture them a distance away, you don’t have to perfectly see them but you do want to “see” them.

Call their name, wait for their response, repeat until you see them acknowledge you. Your subconscious is beckoning their subconscious, once they respond you know contact has been made.

Now what is it that you want them to say to you? Imagine you are side by side (you should only see them and not yourself, as if they were really next to you) hear their words (the words you want to hear) and respond to them in the same way you would if it were actually happening.

Make it brief but make it remarkable, your emotions during this visualization are what really make it work.

Open your eyes, and trust that your message got to your target.
Wait for results.

Now I must say I’ve tried it several times since reading this book and so far it’s worked and “not worked” (in quotation because I can’t for sure say it did not work, I just haven’t seen the results yet). I’d like to give you guys full details of how I know it worked but I am still working on this and do not want to get ahead of myself!

Let me know if you try this, if it works and if it doesn’t!

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