Void Of Course Moon

I’ve been learning more about astrology in regards to magic and want to share something interesting about the moon. The moon travels through the signs pretty quickly every few days or so and there is a time where the moon is in between signs, this is called ‘Void of Course’ (VOC). I find it interesting that this occurs several times in a week with different durations.

So naturally I wanted to know what rituals work best during a VOC moon. I learned that this is a time of heightened emotions and manifesting power (similar to a new moon) and therefore it’s best to be extra positive and mindful of thoughts, speech, and behavior.

This is a great time to press pause on life, take time for self care, and relax. Try not to start any new projects or meeting new people, it’s believed that things started in a VOC moon probably won’t end well.

For me being the #plannerwitch that I am, I use my planner for everything. A VOC moon is great for planning, research, list making, and brainstorming.
Cafeastrology.com has a chart of all VOC moon times and dates!


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