Hello Magical People of the Internet!!

Today’s blog post is all about using the Weather for divination, incorporating into your magical practice and rituals. When it comes to my magic I like to be creative and I can see all aspects of life in a magical light.

The weather affects us all in an emotional sense, sunny can bring happiness, rain can calm, a storm may incite fear. So let’s explore different weather and the magic they hold.


I love windy days, I believe it stems from a connection with the Wind Goddess Oya, wind is just so powerful! It’s tradition for many cultures to call upon the power of the wind to aide in rituals, especially rituals and spells that are to encourage change.

Each direction of the wind carries with it a different energy:
NORTH- this direction is associated with death, best for spells where you are trying to rid yourself of something, such as bad habits.
SOUTH- this wind is warm and passionate, best for stimulating change in relationships.
WEST- use this wind for personal change and growth, this is the best wind for healing and connecting with intuition.
EAST- this is a wise wind, use in matters of intellect, can bring great transformation.

The wind can be used to cleanse your spirit, on a windy day stand with your feet firmly in the ground and visualize the wind as pure white light passing through your body, you should feel relief from this visualization.


Rain has different effects on people, some may feel calming and relaxed others may feel gloomy on a rainy day. Me personally as a water sign I love rainy days, it’s very cleansing energy.

Capturing rainwater is such a witchy way of life, it can be used in many different ways, it helps to know what sign the moon is in for added intention.
Use rain water for: spiritual baths, floor washes, altar water, cleansing crystals, potions, room sprays, scrying, etc.

Rain is associated with fertility as it nourishes the earth and brings new life. Could also assist with the grieving process and helps you to move forward after loss.


Bright sunny days are most associated with happiness, childlike playfulness, and adventure. In astrology the Sun is closely associated with personal power and ego. I consider the sun to be the best tool for charging and powering up yourself or and ritual.

Timing Your Use of the Sun
Sunrise: This is a time to focus on new beginnings, fertility, and abundance.
Noon: This is when the Sun reaches it’s peak, best for increasing your energy.
Sunset: Best for letting go and binding work.

Sunday is the day of the sun, making it a powerful day for harnessing the Suns energy. If you are in a funk and need a pick me up, spend a little time in the Sun, and watch your mood pick up. On days where the Sun seems to be in hiding you can still work with it’s energy, just set up a bright Sun inspired altar, incorporating flowers, citrusy oils, yellow/gold symbols and crystals.

I hope you guys find this information helpful, should I do a part two? What weather would you like to add to your magical practice?