It’s Taurus Season!

Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac symbolized by the bull, which represents spring time, fertility, and growth. The bull is slow to anger but once they get there, watch out!! They have both beauty and brains, and are one of the most resistant to change, which is why many people think they are stubborn.

🌸Here is where Taurus blooms🌸

Loyalty- Taurus value their relationships, if they let you in it’s because they truly care.

Patience- What bothers most people the Taurus will just laugh off, but be careful because when their patience runs out you’re gonna have to fight!

Independence- Not only can Taurus take care of themselves in many ways they are also the type of people that others can come to in a time of need.

Being beautiful- Venus the planet of love, friendship, and beauty rules Taurus, many of them are very into their looks, including fashion and makeup.

Staying grounded- Taurus is so good at being grounded they tend to attract people who may be in crisis and in need of stability. 

🌱Here is where Taurus has room to grow🌱

Laziness- Taurus is either super lazy or full of energy, no in between.

Being Materialistic- Taurus being ruled by Venus gives them very expensive taste and a good eye, working hard for these things is important as many have a passion for shopping.

Possessiveness- This is kind of an extension from being materialistic, they like to “own” things and this can include people.

Here’s some magick & intentions you should focus on during the Sun’s visit in Taurus:

✨Grounding- there are rituals for this but visualizing yourself physically rooted to the earth works well.

✨Love spells- This transit is favorable for attracting new lovers or ensuring that your current relationship is secure and your partner is loyal.

✨Money Magick- You may feel the need to go shopping and get new things during this time, so attract a new stream of income or increase your current pay flow to keep up with the urge.

✨Growth- This is a great time to grow ideas so that they become reality.

✨Self Love/Care- Never a bad time for this but Taurus season is the perfect time to pamper yourself!

Above all, enjoy and spoil yourself!!

With Love,

Magically Bree

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