What are Essential Oils?

Simply Put…

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds that give plants, flowers, seeds, roots and woods their scent and healing qualities. They are created from distillation and have all the awesome powers of the plant they come from.

Some Sciency Stuff…

What we smell in plants and the compounds that make essential oils are called volatile aromatic compounds. These tiny organic molecules are called ‘volatile’ because of their ability to quickly change from a solid state, to liquid, and also to gas. These compounds interact with the olfactory sensors in our nose which is how aromatherapy works.

Different oils offer different benefits, there are over 3,000 volatile aromatic compounds that can be used for physical and emotional healing.


You want high quality oils and they can be expensive, but rightfully so, these are very potent substances. It takes up to 250 lbs of rose blossoms to make an ounce of rose oil. So don’t let the price scare you, a little goes a long way and it is an investment in your health.

Check the labels, a good quality oil should have the botanical name, where it originated from, when it was distilled, and expiration date. It’s good to know what type of testing was done and if it is organic.

Choose a reputable brand:
I love doTERRA, they are very high quality at reasonable prices (Sign up to get them 25% off), every oil is Certified Pure Theraputic Grade.

Young Living is another oil company, they own their own farms and see the production of their oils through from “seed to seal”. I have used their oils and their blends are awesome.

Other High Quality Brands I’ve Used:

Eden’s Garden
Plant Therapy
Mountain Rose
Aura Cacia

Starter Oils: Suggested Uses
Lavender: Calming, Sleep, Stress
Peppermint: Respiratory Issues, Headaches, Pest Deterrent
Lemon: Detox, Uplift, Energy
Eucalyptus: Cough, Joint Pain, Congestion
Clary Sage: Cleansing, Depression, Uplift

Try this:
Find an oil that you love and simply put a little in the palm of your hand, using that hand cover your nose and mouth and breathe deeply, try this a few times with different oils (if you have them) and notice how each oil makes you feel.

Visit mydoterra.com/magicallybree for more information on doTERRA oils.

-Magically Bree✨

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