Why I Study Astrology?

One of the first things most people know of me from following me on social networks or listening to me talk on a regular basis is that I’m really really into astrology. I love trying to guess someones Zodiac sign, tracking the moon phases, and learning astrology has been a constant in my life for at least the last three years. But what has also been constant in my life is the side eyes and questions about the legitimacy of Astrology. First off I want to make it clear that I ‘study’ astrology, I don’t ‘worship’ it and I won’t be offended or annoyed by questions (or any other questions you may have) about it! Feel free to ask here.

Just a little background information on Astrology if you didn’t know…

If you want to know anything you must first look to the sky, before clocks, before the compass, the foundation of early science and religion is Astrology, meaning this isn’t some unfounded unknown information that I just so happened to come across, Astrology is an art that has been studied by great philosophers all over the world for thousands of years, even as a tool for Kings and Rulers to predict and time wars, and other events of importance. I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s top powerful leaders of the world have knowledge of Astrology or a professional Astrologer on staff.

The type of astrology I study most is Natal which is the birth chart, I’ve even heard it referred to as the ”Map of Me” because it gives a deeper understanding of your life path, desires, emotions, and so much more. Natal charts read by professional or someone well versed in Astrology can give you so much insight on your personal patterns, so much so that they have created an app based on astrology called ’The Pattern’ check it out for Apple devices if you want to get more insight on your life and choices with daily prompts that are crazy accurate.

How astrology has helped me.

Being someone who is prone to worrying and anxiety, the world can feel too chaotic for me at times. Astrology helps bring some order into my life, giving me a chance to ”control” things. While also bringing me purpose, it’s a fun topic that I actually want to learn about there is always something new to learn because it goes DEEP.

So to the people who ask ”why I study Astrology?”

Because I can. It’s 2019 if you don’t study astrology what can you say you actually study on a regular basis without requirements of a job or school? It’s interesting with plenty of history to back it up, so why does my belief in Astrology make me any less intelligent then someone who doesn’t believe.

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