Why You Need An Ancestor Altar

Having an ancestor altar is a way to connect with the spirit world. By setting an altar and making offerings of food, water, etc. you are showing your deceased ancestors that you have not forgotten them, this is called veneration.

Veneration of ancestors has many benefits:
✨ It allows you more protection.
✨ Gives you access to ancestral information making you wiser and more experienced with your ancestors skills.
✨Prepares you for spiritual work, including petitioning spirits (bloodline or not).
✨Ancestors can help pull strings for you and assist here on earth and in the spiritual world.

It’s simple to set up an ancestral altar, you need:
?A table
?Pictures or items of deceased relatives (optional: a book of names of ancestors)
?Glass of water (water element)
?Candles (fire element)
?Incense (air element)
?Crystals/rocks (earth element)
You will also want to make offerings to your ancestors, if you get an urge to add something extra it’s probably an ancestor urging you to do so!

?Water, refresh everyday
? Food, you should do this daily, offer fruits, meats, what you’re eating and any known favorites of theirs.
? Liquor/Cigarrettes- if you know of an ancestor who liked these things, be careful if you know these things were a problem for them.
?Flowers or Live plants, to represent life and your family tree.
?Ancestor Money, burning this “play money” is believed to help your ancestors resolve karmic debts.

Ok so you set up your ancestral altar, what’s next?
❗️Light candles
❗️Give offerings and make it known they are for deceased relatives known and unknown.
❗️Burn ancestor money.
❗️Give thanks ❤️
I hope this helps anyone who wants to honor their ancestors ❤️
Remember these are people who love and care for you show them that you love and care for them too!

-Magically Bree

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