Hey guys it’s been a few days and I wanted to come share some magick with y’all. Today’s topic is ‘Witchy Tools and Supplies’ a list of the top 20 tools and supplies that I use in my magical practice. And while these tools are great for ritual work, remember the most important tool in magick is you, so even if you don’t have the things on this list you are still magical and can manifest simply by thinking and feeling.

These are my top 20 magical tools and supplies, from most to least essential (from my experience), I am also writing a short description on how I use them, I will be creating a separate post for each of these items so be sure to subscribe so that you will never miss a blog post!

  1. Journal/BOS/Grimore- Definitely the MOST important thing in my practice, I keep all my spells, astrology, and divination spreads here. If you don’t have a journal, get a simple notebook and start writing and researching and writing some more, visit this post for ideas of what to put in your journal.
  2. Paper/Pen/Markers- I use a lot of sigils and petitions separate from journaling, and markers for drawing sigils/writing on things such as glass candles.
  3. Candles– Speaking of candles these are definitely in my top 3 because they come in many sizes (I prefer tea lights) and colors. I’ve talked about Candle Magic and Color Magic.
  4. Essential Oils– I went through an eo phase a few years ago and learned how powerful they are in magic, quicker than herbs and just all around useful. I am the plug to some of the best quality oils they have!
  5. Crystals– I’m admittedly a crystal-holic, I have them everywhere! These can be carried around for all kind of reasons or used in the home as a grid. Magick tip: cleanse and charge your crystals under the full or new moon.
  6. Jewelry/Amulets- I love these, it’s a great way to incorporate crystals, intention and magick into everyday life.
  7. Divination Tools- For me this includes my oracle cards, dice and pendulums. This can include scrying mirrors, crystal balls, or anything used in divination work.
  8. Herbs- These are very useful in ritual works, you can add them to candles, spiritual baths and more, if you ever want to know the magical properties of an herb/root or even for crystals, search the name along with the word “correspondences” and you should find plenty of information on the world wide web.
  9. Oils- I love dress my candles in oils, along with herbs these magical oils can bring a lot of intention and energy into your spellwork. If you are looking for good hoodoo oil specifically, try https://biglizconjure.com/ I’ve used a few of their products and they have some really high quality oil blends.
  10. Waters/Washes– Similar to oils these water or alcohol based solutions are great for cleansing, one of the most popular is ‘Florida Water’ a perfume used in Hoodoo for ritual preparation.
  11. Jars– There are a lot of uses of jars in magic, the sweeteners “Honey Jars’ and the sour jars too, every time I go thrift shopping I try to look for any cheap mason jars with the top.
  12. Incense- I love incense and smoke can be used as a divination tool, but I mostly burn incense as offerings and as a way to time my live readings on Facebook.com/MagicallyBree
  13. Art/Decorative Items- Creating altars is very magical for me and it also brings out my creativity, I tend to incorporate art into my altars along with decor that the deity or the altar calls for. Statues are also powerful to invoke the spirits.
  14. Mojo Bags- A mojo bag is a small secret bag you carry with you filled with magic and intentions, you can include herbs, oils, petitions, ashes, etc. Be sure to carry it with you but never let anyone see or touch it.
  15. Manifestation Box- I have a painted chest that I created as a Manifestation Box, it’s pretty simple, you put your wishes in the box and wait for them the manifest!
  16. Ancestor Money- This is printed money used to pay the debts of the ancestors, you can put it on their altar, or burn it to send it through the spirit realm.
  17. Wands- I have created a wand using colorful wire and small crystals, I haven’t used it much, it’s cool to have but you can definitely do without one.
  18. Bible- Believe it or not the bible is a great addition to magical practice, especially the Psalms, wanna know more, visit this post by my magical sis, https://highpriestessj.guru/persuasive-psalms-access/
  19. Bells- These are very good for cleansing energy or calling in spirits. The use of sound and music is something I love to use in my practice.
  20. Dolls- I haven’t used a doll yet but I have so many ideas for one, I plan to get one soon and I will keep you guys updated!

And there you have it folks my top 20 tools of the trade. How many items do you have? Share your favorite tools in the comments because I love to hear your feedback!

With Love,