About the Artist

Brittany Hatter started her art career in elementary school when all her classmates would ask her to draw them it was then she knew she was destined to be an artist After 10 years of trying different jobs from nurse assistant activities coordinator art instructor and now entrepreneur of a spiritual brand the common theme has always been her love for art So she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Media and Marketing
As an artist her art reflects her spiritual beliefs She uses symbolism and iconography to simplify complex topics into visuals that everyone can enjoy In her 5 years of business her branding has developed a voice it s friendly fun and nostalgic The reason she chooses handwritten fonts and composition notebook themes is because she aims to teach people about the world of spiritual and astrological knowledge which can be scary to some people Her favorite tools to use when creating art are Procreate an iPad app that you can use to digitally illustrate and Canva because this content management system makes it very easy to add fonts and vector graphics to her illustrations Her target audience is young women so you will notice a lot of femininity in her work often using women as subjects She also uses vivid colors shapes and gradients to give her work an eye catching appeal As an artist she hopes to start submitting work to art shows and exhibitions Her career goal is to become a Creative Director for a creative company or brand